Magnify Fall 2017


Magnify is our small groups for kids. They give kids the opportunity to explore the Bible and foster a love for God's Word in their everyday lives.

This session of Magnify will be for 8-weeks from September 20th - November 8th and is available to all kids Kindergarten-6th grade.

Fall 2017 Classes:

Kids of the Bible

Kindergarten-1st Grade

With Kids of the Bible, Kindergarten-1st graders will learn and explore God's protection and purpose in the young lives of baby Moses, young David, and the birth and early days of Jesus' life on earth.

Wisdom Vault

2nd-4th Grade

Our 2nd-4th graders will discover the great treasures found in the book of Proverbs. Each week, they'll unlock truths that reveal God's will and desire for their lives.


5th-6th Grade

5th and 6th graders will learn that young and old, we all make mistakes. We all sin. We worry about the consequences of our sins and if people will still love us…forgive us. In OOPS!, we will dive into the lives of those in the Bible like Jonah, Paul, and Peter who sinned against God, their consequences, and most importantly their path to God's forgiveness. 

Event Details

  • Sep 20
    6:30 pm
    Nov 8
    7:30 pm
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